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The law office of Brian Kawamoto is a debt relief agency. We can also help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code under Title 11. We have discharged individual income taxes through bankruptcy for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about your options under the current bankruptcy laws. We're here to help.

Disclaimer - It is advised that you consult an attorney when dealing with your individual tax situation as the law may change from time to time. Statements made here reflect the author's viewpoint for general reading purposes only and should not be relied upon or considered as a legal opinion for your particular tax situation.

Eligibility process

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The process involved in filing for bankruptcy is quite complicated and should only be done by a competent and professional tax or bankruptcy attorney. For example, the trust fund portion of employment related taxes is not dischargeable. If you have a civil fraud penalty or you were convicted of tax fraud or tax evasion, then your taxes may not be dischargeable. The underlying federal tax lien however is never 'discharged' in bankruptcy, therefore the tax lien will continue to attach to any assets that you own. Contact us in Aiea, HI for more information.

Issues to consider

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To determine your bankruptcy eligibility, there are certain tests involved, such as:
 • Did you file a tax return? How long ago?
 • When were your taxes assessed by the IRS?
 • What year are taxes due and owing?
 • Did you file for any extensions for any of these tax years?

All of these questions must first be answered and if there are any 'tolling' dates that apply they too must be analyzed to determine whether your taxes are dischargeable. 

Dedicated service

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As you can see it is quite complicated, so if you want to know more about whether your debts are dischargeable please feel free to contact the law office of Brian Kawamoto in Aiea, HI. We can also advise you about our bankruptcy tax discharge analysis service. We have successfully filed both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies for our clients resulting in the elimination of dischargeable income taxes. If you are condsidering whether to file bankruptcy please read my blog, by clicking here:  Filing Bankruptcy in Hawaii

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