Offer In Compromise

Reduce your taxes with an offer in Compromise

As a former IRS Tax Attorney, Brian Kawamoto can help you submit your Offer in Compromise to reduce your taxes.

Honest, realistic assessment

Not everyone qualifies for an offer in compromise. Unfortunately, there are some misleading and unscrupulous businesses and promoters that prey on distressed taxpayers, promising them false hope by submitting an offer regardless of its chance of success.

You must be careful before decide to hire a company to represent you with your tax problems if you know nothing about them, or if they do not have an office here in Honolulu. Not all taxpayers are good candidates for offers. For an honest and realistic assessment of your eligibility and whether you are a candidate for an Offer in Compromise, call the Law Office of Brian Kawamoto today.

Benefits of an offer in compromise

If you do qualify, you may be able to significantly reduce your taxes by way of an Offer in Compromise. Over the years The Law Office of Brian Kawamoto has helped many taxpayers here in Honolulu reduce their taxes this way. One in particular the IRS agreed to reduce a $20,000 liability down to $500. This is not to say however that your outsome will be the same as individuals results do vary.
Offer in compromise in Aiea, HI
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